Let's find a home!

My last name is pronounced "Lang-wa" in French, as many vowels of the language are silent.  I have no French in my heritage though, as my family hails from Mississippi and Alabama.  When I was 5, my Dad transferred to Baton Rouge with Bush Jewelry Co and I've considered myself a "native by choice" ever since!  Dad’s store was on 3rd St. downtown Baton Rouge and in the 50's and 60s, this was the bustling heart of the city and a magical childhood place for me.  As was the case in many cities during the 3 decades that followed though, downtown was left behind for urban sprawl, mall shopping, and a rush to suburbia. Thankfully, the last 25 years have seen a tremendous renovating and resurgence for downtown Baton Rouge!  We just love all the activity offered downtown now, such as Sunday Concerts in the Park or “Live at 5:00” Friday night bands; Broadway productions at River Center; Mardi Gras parades; a meal at one of the many great restaurants; or a trip to the Farmers Market on Saturdays!  I have always had an avid interest in history, genealogy, gardening, and architecture, so I truly feel fortunate to live in an area with a rich and colorful past, strong family traditions, lush landscaping, and beautiful home designs unique to South Louisiana.  As a young child walking home from school, I always noticed the draping Lives Oaks and pretty architecture in our neighborhood of Hundred Oaks, and these now vintage homes are still my favorites!  Guess real estate was in my blood even then. When I was 9 we moved to the west side of the Mississippi to the quaint town of Port Allen, where people know their neighbors by name and children still walk to school.

Excellent Service
“My husband, a doctor, met Susan while treating her daughter for a sports injury, and they hit it off immediately. We had been looking for an agent to help us find a permanent home in Baton Rouge and to sell the townhouse we were living in. Susan helped us package the purchase of a lot and building our new home with great ease. After moving in, Susan sold the townhouse for us and at a very satisfactory price! Several years later, When Ed retired and we moved back to our hometown, again we called on Susan to sell our home. During the move back home, my husband became very ill and we were in the middle of a purchase agreement. Susan eased the burden of me dealing with the final sale preparations, at a time when I could not think real estate. She says "excellent service is my commitment" and we can attest to the fact it really is how she runs her business."

Elaine Askew